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It’s no secret that getting married these days will cost you quite a bit — about $30,000, to be exact! While it’s hard to avoid all of the significant costs of getting married, it is possible to save yourself a few bucks here and there. Here are a few tips to help you have a beautiful wedding on a budget!


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Get Married in the “Off-Season”

Most couples want to get married in the summertime. In fact, 40% of all weddings in a given year take place during the summer months! While a lovely June wedding can mean great weather and clear skies, it also tends to mean one other thing… every venue and vendor has seriously marked up their prices!

If you want to avoid paying a premium on your caterer, cake, and bouquet, you might want to consider getting married in the off-season. Vendors have fewer clients banging down their doors during this time (particularly from November to January), so they’re more likely to offer their services at a discounted price.


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Whittle Down the Guest List

Once you decide on the perfect wedding date, it’s time to put together your guest list. If you’re trying to stick to your wedding budget, this is a very important step — after all, the more people you invite to your wedding, the more people you have to pay to feed! 

While it can be tempting to invite everyone you’ve ever met to celebrate your special day, try to keep the guest list as small as possible. Start by writing down everyone you can think of, then whittle the list down until you reach a manageable and affordable party size. 


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Ask for Help Instead of Gifts

Do you have a cousin who’s an excellent baker? A niece with a voice like an angel? A best friend with incredible decorating taste? One way to reduce the cost of your wedding is by enlisting the help of your loved ones. Ask your friends and family to lend their services to your wedding in lieu of gifts, and you might end up saving quite a lot of cash!

However, this particular tip comes with a caveat: if you ask your loved ones for help, you don’t get to boss them around! The services they provide for your big day are gifts, not paid labor, and therefore you have to accept them with a smile and a grateful attitude. If you have a particular vision for your wedding, you might want to avoid this tip (just try the others on this list, instead).


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Rent Your Bridal Accessories

Finding the perfect “bridal look” is about much more than just the dress. You need the right shoes, veil, jewelry, and accessories to tie your look together and make you feel your most beautiful! 

These days, you can have the perfect accessories to complete your wedding attire without spending an arm and a leg. Renting accessories like your veil or jewelry is a great way to get high-quality items at a fraction of the price. You can look like a superstar while still saving money — and that means you’ll have plenty of cash leftover for one amazing honeymoon!