Well, it’s finally happened. After weeks (or even months) of searching, you’ve finally found that perfect wedding dress. You feel beautiful with it on, and you have to admit you look pretty stunning — but it could still use a little something more. If you’re looking to dress up your wedding gown, it might be time to check out a bridal belt or sash.

These two accessories are very on-trend right now, as they accentuate your waist and add some much-needed sparkle to just about any wedding dress. But which style will suit your wedding dress the best? Here are a few helpful hints about wearing a belt or a sash on your special day.


beaded wedding belt

Bridal Belts

A bridal belt is… well, just what it sounds like: a belt that goes around your waist over your wedding dress. Belts typically feature beading or decorative crystals, and most use a hook and eye closure, which helps to create a seamless look with the rest of your gown.

Bridal belts can be small and delicate or wide and flashy — but whatever their size, belts can do a lot to enhance your bridal look. A belt can (literally) tie together bridal separates, highlight lace, bead work, or other special details in a gown, or give a simple dress a little extra sparkle.


beaded wedding sash

Bridal Sashes

Maybe the glitz and glitter of a bridal belt isn’t your style, but you still want to add something special to your look. The bridal sash sounds like your best bet! This accessory features a beaded applique attached to a ribbon you can tie at the back.  

With a sash, you get the best of both worlds — a little glamour from the applique, and a little romance and sweetness from the bow. Sashes are also a great option for brides with open-backed dresses or gowns with extra details in the back; instead of tying a bow, simply ask your seamstress to attach the sash with a few stitches. Just like that, you have some extra bling on your dress and the back is still visible!

 wedding beaded belt bridal sash

Choosing the Right Accessory

Obviously, the choice between a belt or a sash for your wedding dress really comes down to your personal taste. However, there are some things you need to consider when picking out your accessory. For example, it’s important that you select the right color for your dress; warm gold tones look great on cream and ivory gowns, while silver and crystal play up the cool colors in brighter white dresses.

Also, the placement of your belt or sash is the key to highlighting your curves. The accessory should hit your body at your natural waist — i.e., the area between the bottom of your rib cage and your belly button. Placing it here will accentuate your waist, making you appear slimmer and more hourglass-shaped. Once you’ve found that perfect placement, a seamstress or tailor can attach any belt and sash to your dress with just a few stitches.

Whether you decide to wear a sparkly belt or a delicate sash, it is absolutely essential that you try it on before you decide. Don’t be afraid to test out accessories in different colors, styles, and placements, even if you’re renting your accessories (our 3-day try on service makes testing out different styles easy). Trust us, when you find the right piece, it will truly turn your wedding dress into the bridal look of your dreams.